Slimming Hairstyles

These days, everyone is looking for ways to look slimmer.

Sometimes, having a round face can give the effect that you are heavier than you really are. The goal is to make your face appear more oval than it really is. The three key hair styling elements in achieving this are: length, volume and framing.

Having long straight hair will make round faces appear slimmer. It not only elongates your face but also your body. Also, adding a deep side part to your style works for minimizing the roundness of your face.

When styling your hair, for a slimmer look, add volume to the crown. This will give the illusion of more height, which will give the effect of a slimmer face. Just be careful, too much volume can give the opposite effect.

For more hair styling lessons or tips, schedule a consultation with one of our stylists to learn which hairstyle is best for your face shape.

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Beat the humidity!

“The summer months are around the corner and that means humidity which means frizz. Come in for one of our three keratin treatments to control that frizz. We offer a Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment and Global Keratin Treatment that last three to six months depending on your hair type, and a Keratin Smoothing Therapy Express Blowout that lasts eight to twelve weeks. These are all to be used with sulfate free products to maintain your frizz longer. These Keratin treatments have a patented encapsulation system that prevents any gases from being released into the air.” – Jody, Owner & Master Stylist at Moss Salon

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