Layer your locks

All-one-length strands may have looked good on Marcia Brady, but today’s hottest looks are all about swinging hair that has tons of body. And the good news is, anyone can wear layers and incorporating some into your existing cut is the easiest way to give yourself a new, modern look without going drastic. But not all layers are created equal. You have to match them to your natural hair texture.

  • If you have curly hair, go for long, graduated layers all over your head to give your spirals definition so they are less frizz-prone.
  • If your strands are superfine, make some of your layers around ear-length to get volume at the roots.
  • If your mane is straight or kind of wavy and you want to make it look more shapely, add layers in the underneath section of your hair for a shaggy, bedhead look.
  • If your locks are ultra-thick and you need to thin them out, ask one of our stylists to hold the scissors vertically while cutting the layers to take away the bulk.

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